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Song: Ivy
Band: Royz
Lyrics: Subaru
Music: Kazuki
Kanji: Rui
Romaji: Rui
Translation: Rui

Notes: Speaking of guilty pleasure bands...Royz. I've had this laying around for a while because I bought the special edition of CORE when it was released (sobs at the signed poster that doesn't have Kazuki on it). This is my favorite song on the album, I think it wasn't until this point that I realized I was a Kazuki bias. Go figure. I hope he's doing alright.

Today I am going to tell something only to you
You who listens to every story I tell

I'm always able to do the things I like
And this is the reason why I got more and more important friends

Laughing at all the stupid things and conflicts...
It's starting to become embarrassing...

I was drowning in all the things I took for granted

In the night at 2AM
I know
But my heart can't comprehend it just yet

In the night when sadness seems to fall
That seems to be so large that I'm unable to flap my wings and I can't calm down
I sing a song about love, without turning and running away
*It's alright to make a fool of me  

"Soon these days are going to pass..."

I'm unsure of what is lying ahead
But let's for sure walk on the path we believe in !

Hey, Space ship ! Is this sound cool or bad ?
Somehow I seem to say: "Always smile !'
Yet there are still many more things left to do

In the night, at an unknown time
I still wish to dream
I don't want to lose anything again

The people whom we love
The money that seems to overflow...
All the things we touch will die one day
But no one can steal what feelings we carry in our hearts

Embrace the voice you like !
Embrace the songs you like !
Embrace the dreams you like !
And go !

One day we're going to be adults
And surely we'll forget and even lose sight of all the things that are important

Let's go ahead and write them down here
As to never forget our song !

No one can take this from us !

For sure. Forever. For sure.
For sure. Forever. Forever.

No matter where, and no matter what you do...
Keep on walking the path you believe in !
Everyone says "Eternity will vanish"
But I believe these feelings can last forever

Keep on going ! Everfree

*I could probably translate it as "make a fool of me" or as "make a fool of myself'.


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