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Song: 星空と君の手 -You are (not) mine-


By: DaizyStripper

Lyrics: Yuugiri

Music: Kazami

Romaji: Rui

Kanji: Rui

Translation: Rui

Time is an enemy I simply am not strong enough to pass

Peeking into the spaces in my heart

Unforgettable people and times

Can I not paint over all the memories of everything ?

Even when I'm nearby, even if I love you, even if I burn away the past

That person inside of you from long ago

I love you, I love you, my feelings that go round aimlessly

I can't become your number one

The idea of 'falling for someone' and loving someone

That simply dried up and grew wild inside of me

I dont' want to lose time with you

A deep wound on my heart

I pretend not to know about it

Surely that distant person, is sharing a smile with someone else now

Do you believe in miracles ?

Do you believe in me ?

The wind in the confusing seasons...

Where are you now ?

I want to meet you, even if I want to meet you, it's not you over there

Has that person's smiling face returned to how it was already ?

I want to see you, even if I want to see you

Are my hands already too late ?

I had noticed
I want to be able to fall for someone again

A shining starry sky like something artificial

I'm surrounded by only you and the night wind

“Eternity doesn't exist anymore”

I'm not going to let you say it...

I am always, always by your side...

You and I, and that far away time, can it be turned back ?

I don't want to simply be just a beautiful 'memory'

I love you, I love you, my feelings just seem to grow

Even if this world ends, they won't vanish

From now on, whether ten years or 100 years
Almost to a point of my feelings not being able to be put into words
My feelings would still be,

“...Thank you”


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