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Song: Sei ni Shigamitsuku
Band: D=OUT
Lyrics: Kouki
Music: Kouki
Kanji: Rui
Romaji: Rui
Translation: Rui

Notes: So, my favorite D=OUT song besides Myoujou Orion. Sei is life or to live (Sei can also be used in humble language as a male term for 'I' or 'me'). Shigamitsuku is to cling. So, Cling to Life.

In a night that is far too long, I’m attacked by another migraine

Light and shadows with the tablet I swallow

I’m clinging to life


I sing song for you. Meaning of alive

It’s such an easy thing to say

No, it’s not true, when I happen to look around

There’s so much love


Why do memories always look so bright ?

My heart is trembling so much I can barely smile


Living itself is proof of living, just make certain it doesn’t get covered in dust

You can only be you once

So I would like you to cling to life also


Hey, did you know that we tend to hurt people before we know it ?

I gazed down at my hands and they were bright red…they were bright red…


Sharing the hellos and goodbyes of spring, and summer with its abundant sunlight

Autumn with its relentless wind, and the winter we always endure


How much easier would it be if we knew the meaning of life ?

I’ll hold you so tight, so that I won’t be left alone with any regrets

There’s so much love “So, we’ll cling to life”


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