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Birthdate:Jul 2
Location:Tokyo, Shibuya, Japan
Hey there, my name is Chi (pronounced like Key) or Rui, whichever you prefer ! I translate in my spare time between school and homework. My favorite bands are Vistlip and Alice Nine. My major is Linguistics and my minor is Japanese and Korean. While I do love translating seeing as it's good practice, I am an artist first and foremost. I am a musician and a designer before anything else. When it comes to fashion I love the Gothic Lolita and Visual Kei styles, though I do dabble in Oshare Kei as well.
I play Bass and Guitar. I also dabble in singing, though I don't sing nearly as much as I used to when I was younger. My hero's are Nano, Umi of Vistlip, and Shou and Nao of Alice Nine.
I speak ten languages, though I'm most confident in my Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, and Norwegian. I'm only half confident in my Korean now. (laughs) Next year I'm moving to Tokyo to peruse Teaching and Fashion design. I'm super excited because it's always been a dream of mine.
If you want to find me anywhere else on the internet, here's where to look !

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