May. 26th, 2016

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Song: Contrast
Band: Vistlip
Lyrics: Tomo
Music: Tohya
Kanji: Rui
Romaji: Rui
Translation: Rui

Notes: WELL THIS IS SADDER THAN IT NEEDS TO BE. THANK YOU, TOMO. YOU PERFECT LITTLE SHIT. (I'm kidding babbu I fucking love you but this is sad so also still fuck you ;; ;;)

The reason I’m bringing you down, with words like “Leave me alone”

Is only because hurting you in regular intervals takes me closer to the darkness


Amid this light that is so bright, I can’t seem to make you out…


That place known as despair, exists beyond our imagination

Nothing more than that of deep, deep blackness…

A small place from which I am able to miss the small light that is you


In the face of kindness, I grow weak again…

I’ll surely end up wishing for you to “Love me”…

I’ll surely end up yearning for you to say “You’re not alone !”


Taking such strong measure under some impression this cannot be allowed

I’m simply doing foolish things…

And once I’ve done away with the honest parts of myself

I’ll have lost sight of who I even was


Doesn’t it seem like words such as “I love you”

Only become salutations once we’re used to them ?

But amidst the days that seem to shine so bright that they’re overexposed

We were unable to notice…


That place known as despair produced a synergy that seemed to remind me;

 That mere recollection seems to reach an after effect

Open up your eyes

You’ll be in tears before this “present time”

That simple nostalgic phrase “Love me” will something that you long for


Simply because you’re here, I’m still as weak as I was before…

I seem to be able to honestly wish for you to “Love me”…

And I’ve come to the conclusion that “I’m happy this way” 


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