May. 3rd, 2016

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 Song: 夜
Lyrics: Tomo
Music: Rui
Kanji: Chi
Romaji: Chi
Translation: Chi

Don’t you understand

What I want to convey, this piece...even if it’s forced ?

It hasn’t changed much from long ago right ?


The lyrics that seem hard to read, that background…


I told you that I would support you

Over and over, seemingly arrogantly  


But I need to make sure I don’t learn the lack of weight words have too late


Before you go and throw me away, I want to you to just take me seriously more than anything else

So allow me to borrow this page to scream


“I really do love you”


The reasons that snow is cold, is only because my hand is hotter than other peoples

It’s only so that when my hand is holding yours, it can pull out the words “It’s so warm”

Don’t you understand


That I’m fawning over you when we talk


You aren’t understanding


The feelings I just want you to believe in for this limited time either


Like I’m looking for those hidden lies in the songs you wrote me

The truth always flies into the air, however it can’t overcome the sky


But I can’t seem to stay awake in the night


So if the path you chose is getting in your way, you can just quit and it will all be fixed right ?

That’s not right though is it ?

Then, who are these feelings going out to ?


Where are they going to ?


Before you lose your passions for me, I just want more than anything for you to take me seriously

So just let me borrow this page and scream

“I really do love you”


You send me off with just a “See you later” and a smile

It’s always been like this

Even if there can’t be a next time

In my usual attitudes until the very end

I just want to remain as the me you had admired

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Song: 星空と君の手 -You are (not) mine-


By: DaizyStripper

Lyrics: Yuugiri

Music: Kazami

Romaji: Rui

Kanji: Rui

Translation: Rui

Time is an enemy I simply am not strong enough to pass

Peeking into the spaces in my heart

Unforgettable people and times

Can I not paint over all the memories of everything ?

Even when I'm nearby, even if I love you, even if I burn away the past

That person inside of you from long ago

I love you, I love you, my feelings that go round aimlessly

I can't become your number one

The idea of 'falling for someone' and loving someone

That simply dried up and grew wild inside of me

I dont' want to lose time with you

A deep wound on my heart

I pretend not to know about it

Surely that distant person, is sharing a smile with someone else now

Do you believe in miracles ?

Do you believe in me ?

The wind in the confusing seasons...

Where are you now ?

I want to meet you, even if I want to meet you, it's not you over there

Has that person's smiling face returned to how it was already ?

I want to see you, even if I want to see you

Are my hands already too late ?

I had noticed
I want to be able to fall for someone again

A shining starry sky like something artificial

I'm surrounded by only you and the night wind

“Eternity doesn't exist anymore”

I'm not going to let you say it...

I am always, always by your side...

You and I, and that far away time, can it be turned back ?

I don't want to simply be just a beautiful 'memory'

I love you, I love you, my feelings just seem to grow

Even if this world ends, they won't vanish

From now on, whether ten years or 100 years
Almost to a point of my feelings not being able to be put into words
My feelings would still be,

“...Thank you”


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