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Song: Period
Band: vistlip
Lyrics: Tomo
Music: Tohya
Romaji: Rui
Kanji: Rui
Translation: Rui

Notes: Translate Period I said. It'll be fun I said. I'm crying I said. Though on a lighter note, when Period was announced and I went to preorder it for Kori and I, she kept making pirate jokes about the boys and it was hilarious. I will never forget her dead pan saying 'I'd take 40 lashes from Captain Tomo' and 'Yo Ho a pirate's dick for me'. Really, my best friend is A +. Enjoy the translation ~

The set is Truss Main
And the lighting is plain
I'm starting at zero, holding onto your hand

In a tongue forged only by the governors of this world 
A little bit at a time, we come to a bitter conclusion 

Without insisting on living up to the situation, that price tag on the 'whatever you want' tag is vague
Again, you want me to take a drink

180 seconds left until the dawn
This mechanism of the scene of this theater that I'm part of 
Though the ensemble is clumsy, it managed to make a song that makes my heart pound
Now in an instance, I get a bouquet of judgment, picked up from these words of yours

Time has gone by, and I look back
Only to think 'I'm not a hero'
I don't want to give that life to you
I want to be able to smile together

Happily, you tasted 'your taste' with your tongue
I seem to have a taste disorder 
I bite my tongue 'Let's finish this'

I guess I'm writing a letter to 'you', but is it actually 'you' ?
Taking responsibility is simply too heavy, Noah is sinking, what is it that he should be leaving behind ?

Since I'm not strictly told to jump, I'll calmly listen to your wishes
- I want to die here -
Like that of flowers concealed together 

47 seconds until the dawn
I'm singing only for myself
Saying these things is scary, but 'I don't know a thing about you'
Hello, to everyone who loves me
I want to walk next to you from this point on
From our introduction to one another, someday, had we actually loved each other...

The set is Truss Main
And the lighting is plain
I'm starting at zero, holding onto your hand


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