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Song: Dead Cherry 
Band: Vistlip
Lyrics: Tomo
Music: Tohya
Kanji: Rui
Romaji: Rui
Translation: Rui

Notes: I love this song. It's like a guilty pleasure for me. Especially the piano version that was the menu music for the DVD for the THEATER album because holy shit. My friend Chelia and I want to cover this (Yes we are crazy). I was so happy when I bought this album, it's a close tie to my favorite album which is ORDER MADE. (Umi's rap in parentheses). Also it only took me like the almost ten years they've been together to realize Umi's rap for this song is actually written down. /is shot/ General notes, the Somei Yoshino is the most common kind of cherry tree and Watatsumi is a Japanese deity of water.  

Well, why don't you introduce me to your products
(The bullet hammering through your shell, shattering it)
I'm crazily laughing while in flight
The buildings standing tall, stylish castles full of rich colour
(Clear that sky that tormented you so)
Fly from the top floor towards the sky

We have to give water to the dead tree
So please shed off all those tears

During dinner, my tongue would groan at the guests
(If I'm able to get a completely nature seed, then I'll fight)
I'm actually crazily amazed by my pride
Dear everyone, how are you doing ?
(I seem to be constantly thinking of how I'll never be perfect)
Drive to a fantastic world

We must give water to the dead tree
Greet it with a 'Yeah, yeah!'
*Please your voice
It's going to bloom in the most abnormal of weather
Blood fairy, dead cherry

Pictures of silver flowers
Acting as a decoration for the Somei Yoshino
What colour would you like to repaint it ?
Instead of watching from a dream half asleep
Isn't watching from reality much better 
That's why I am only able to say this in a loud voice:
"I am nothing but a song"

Heavy rainfall continues to fall
(Pointing to that of the umbrella in my heart)
Heavy rainfall continues to fall
(So I disappear into the scattered sky)

I want these dead flowers to bloom
This is why we need those tears
Let's run away from even running away
Blood fairy, dead cherry

Well, it succeeded like this:
(Diffusing the reflection of the original source of the cherry blossom)

The seasonal cherry blossoms ignore Watatsumi
And you're able to take a pick of all the colours
I could probably speak of such dreams, gloomy dreams
"Sensibly impossible"
And "If I don't need it, then I should kill it"
Is it common sense to rub it that way ?

Seeing as it's such a dangerous place,
Is there a chance there will be a watch dog ?
I'm so sorry you have to put up with me...please just be patient
I'm full of many things you don't wish to see
So just close your eyes and come closer
From the front, holding your hands
I wish to stay in your heart

With the attractive presence of a "Neverland"
Everyone seems to admire and long for it
It's just...if that "living", then are you truly free ?
(Have a think. Lasted one week.)
Surely I don't wish to become an adult
But I'll be saying goodbye to Peter Pan now
It's time I go to the world where we are now
(Have a think.Lasted one week.)

I wish to stay here.
I wish to stay in your heart.
"I am nothing but a song"
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