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Song: Moonlight Snow Rabbits
Band: Vistlip
Lyrics: Tomo
Music: Tohya
Kanji: Rui
Romaji: Rui
Translation: Rui

Notes: Forgets this song is sad. Forgot I wanted to make an animated PV to this song using their EDY outfits. /dies

It hurts right here...
It stings like I'm being pricked
You do know that I loved you more than 'I love you' right
Bridal moon light
Two rabbits next to each other and an indistinguishable smile from the white view

A butterfly in the shadow
The dark clouds that steer clear of spring
Coldly tears fall, not drying up
A silent night when the road home seemed different than usual
A dramatic adorned snow path

Passing a ticket gate, while saying bye-bye to no one
The figure I wished for wasn't there
I would make excuses by saying I didn't want any regrets
How about you keep me waiting just a little bit longer in this city

At that current time at the station, I was nothing but a red-eyed rabbit
Hoping you could hold me freezing heart in your arms
On that shiny turn dabbed early evening
Though I wished to see you I was unable to
My only snow rabbit melts away

Letting worn off feelings flow
By spring I'm sure they'll have melted into nothing
'I'll become a person who can make someone happy..."

"We always seem to forget what's important,
simply making noise and forgetting what's close to us"

In a station at daybreak, I drink down my coffee
A 5:02 AM departure with love that ended at my back

From this point on I'll be on my own
So instead of saying goodbye
I'll leave behind a "I'm sorry"
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